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Body Scan

Bionetic Body Scan

by SpectraVision

What Is It?

Bionetic Body Scan is a non-invasive Bio-Energy balancing that identifies stress in the body. This technology is an integration of the ancient Chinese model of acupuncture and wellness with modern biofeedback and physio-feedback technology. The metabolic process of our body can be measured and compared against thousands of other signals in our body. It determines where our stressors lie and where balancing should begin. We can scan for viruses, bacteria, and toxins, but also for imbalances and indicators of “illness” and “stress” in each individual. The Body Scan creates a complex picture of what is needed in the body, or what areas might need detoxification.

SpectraVision Body Scan

Why It Works

Every cell in your body can communicate with one another using electromagnetic signals much like cell phones do. The SpectraVision can communicate with your body using these same low-level electrical signals to help uncover energy patterns that may be interfering in your quest for health.

  • Bionetics works with theĀ cause of the imbalance rather than they symptom. It addresses the reason for the imbalance. It isolates the issues that block recovery and aids in the process of energy re-balancing through customized homeopathic remedies and non-invasive laser treatments.
  • The SpectraVision’s evaluation process scans for stressful influences of toxic substances. Some of the testing categories are airborne allergies, bacteria, food allergies, viruses, parasites, yeast, mold, fungus, dental materials, hormones, chemicals, vaccination toxicity, environmental and industrial pollution, pesticides, metals, and more.


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