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Your Therapists

Sherri Ault
Medical Massage Therapist
& Owner

Heidi Walker
Office Manager

Hi, my name is Sherri Ault. I’m the owner and founder of In Sync Healing and I am fortunate to do what I love – assisting people in maintaining whole body harmony through massage.

My professional emphasis is in Natural Healing Methods for the past 15 years has included Homeopathy, Supplements, Natural Foods, Kinesiology and Bionetics. I’m also a licensed Medical Massage Therapist (MMT) and am keenly aware of the toll that modern-day living can take on our lives and believe massage is a perfect antidote.

Professional Qualifications

My professional qualifications are from the Colorado School of Healing Arts and I’m licensed in the State of Colorado. I have a certificate in Nutritional and Behavioral Kinesiology and am currently furthering my education in science and medicine. I believe that everyday people, no matter how they work or play, deserve to feel great and I see it as my mission to help them affordably achieve that.

I look forward to meeting you soon. Feel free to Contact Me if you have any questions.

MASSAGE PARLORS: According to state law (12-48.5-101 through 118 C.R.S.), massage parlors MUST be licensed to operate legally in Colorado. Licensing authority is through the local government – cities and counties – were massage parlors operate. If the local government does not issue a license then a massage parlor may NOT operate in that area.

MASSAGE THERAPIST: State law specifically exempts massage therapists from licensure as Massage Parlors. A massage therapist is defined as a person who has graduated from an accredited or approved massage therapy school with a minimum of five hundred (500) hours of massage therapy training.

While the state exempts massage therapists from licensure, many cities still license massage therapists as well as massage parlors. Anyone performing massage as a therapist or a massage parlor should always contact the local licensing authorities in each area where they will work. For example, if a massage therapist operates a mobile business and goes to his/her clients’ locations to perform massage, the therapist should contact every city, town and county where s/he has clients.